-  Development and implementation of programs that promote the establishment in Ukraine of constitutional principles and laws of a democratic, peaceful, non-nuclear civilized state that guarantees its citizens the right to live in peace, harmony, and with opportunities for international cooperation


-  Energetic counteraction against war propaganda, militarist frenzy, attempts at national and territorial divisions, assistance in peaceful and just settlement of conflicts on the basis of mutual interest, search for generally acceptable compromises


-  Participation in the development of various forms of public diplomacy in order to actively search for models of a non-violent world, create conditions for free contacts, communication and mutual understanding among countries and peoples, representatives of civil society, as well as to mold a positive public opinion about our country abroad

- Bolstering information support in promoting Ukraine's peaceful policy globally.


In recent years, the main focus of Ukrainian Peace Council's operations has been to identify the most pressing problems in the social and political life of Ukraine, publicize them, find allies in the implementation of their plans, as wells to help various social movements, foundations and other organizations unite into independent institutions.


Issues related to determining a new path for an independent state to pursue, understanding the new political situation in which Ukraine finds itself, and developing a solid national infrastructure are vital for this country.


The overarching purpose throughout these endeavors is to preserve peace and harmony in Ukraine.

That is why, at a time when interstate, interethnic, ethnic and political contradictions are aggravated, the Ukrainian Peace Council appeals to the society for peace and harmony. Our aim is to disseminate the idea of peacemaking through peaceful actions, thereby averting conflicts and violence.


To continue implementing special-purpose programs aimed at preserving public peace in Ukraine and abroad in accordance with the statutory programs and aims:



- Peace under Conditions of Freedom and Democracy

- Peace and Social Justice

- Peace and Culture

- Peace and Human Rights

- Education in the Spirit of Peace

- Peace and Environmental Safety

- Peace, Children and Family.


To draw up and carry out the projects and programs that contribute to achieving the statutory aims of the Ukrainian Peace Council.


To intensify the work of the Presidium of the Peace Council aimed at:


  • - Attracting Ukrainian citizens to membership in the Ukrainian Peace Council
  • - Enlisting Ukrainian and international non-governmental organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions to cooperate with the Ukrainian Peace Council to achieve its statutory aims and to engage in various joint peacemaking activities 
  • - Disseminating information on the activities of the URC in Ukrainian and international media.


To promote Ukraine in the international arena as a peaceful country, which proclaimed and took a number of unprecedented steps at the very outset of its independence, confirming the peaceful policy of the state that voluntarily gave up the nuclear arsenal, the third largest in the world


To draw up peacemaking platforms, together with international
partners, to disseminate the initiatives advanced by both Ukraine and the Ukrainian Peace Council


To actively cooperate with international non-governmental organizations whose activities are in line with the statutory activities of the Ukrainian Peace Council. To conceive joint projects with them, which contribute to strengthening the peacekeeping movement in Ukraine and abroad



To sustain international activities aimed at establishing relations with non-governmental organizations through meetings at the UPC head office and the participation of UPC delegations in international assemblies, conferences, forums, festivals, etc.


To continue working, together with international non-governmental, municipal and veterans' organizations, on establishing the affiliates of the Ukrainian Peace Council (departments, representative offices, etc.) abroad. These affiliates are supposed to take on the role of coordinators of public relations among countries



To elaborate and carry out peacemaking projects and programs in cooperation with the affiliated branches of the Ukrainian Peace Council located abroad



TTo participate in the implementation of national and international projects and programs



To respond to critical conflict situations by achieving the chief program aim of the national peace movement: "Preservation of Peace and Harmony in Ukraine and Abroad". This requires combined efforts from the public



To update and maintain the UPC’s information website



To continue the implementation of the "Public Figures of Ukraine" program which aims to confer UPC honorary awards on its members, public figures and citizens, who cooperate with UPC in a peacemaking area, for their energetic and fruitful public engagements



To facilitate the organization of health improvement programs for Ukrainian children and youth, both within Ukraine and abroad



To organize assemblies, conferences, seminars, roundtables, and peace cruises, among other events, in collaboration with Ukrainian and international public organizations



To implement the Action Program of the Ukrainian Peace Council for the period of martial law in Ukraine.