Observing International Day of Education

2024-01-23 16:54:26


After the United Nations adopted the resolution "International Day of Education" in 2018, on January 24 of every year, the international community celebrates the day that proclaims education as a key factor in the long-term and continuous development of a person and all spheres of his/her life, helps realize the need for changes in a society, and contributes to solving many problems that arise in its development.


"Education is the most powerful tool to change the world. It offers children a ladder out of poverty and a path to a promising future," the UN stated.


The role of education is changing in the modern world - it is turning into a long and continuous process, as a person faces the problem of aging knowledge, a need to update it, replenish it and master new professional areas throughout his/her life. These changes, which are characteristic of education itself, are taking place against the backdrop of global processes that encompass the economies of certain countries, regions and the world at large.


In Ukraine, the International Day of Education is not only a professional holiday of teachers and education managers, but also a holiday of students and the entire Ukrainian society.


Ukraine is an educated nation that strives to achieve a high quality of education, whose system is founded on the principles of freedom, democracy and innovation. And we have realized and felt the special content and value of education and educational work now, during russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


Teachers in general secondary and higher education institutions have instilled in young citizens a love of the homeland, patriotism and responsibility, and the ability to learn. This helps soldiers master the latest equipment in a short time and defend the Ukrainian land.


At this challenging time for the country, educators have demonstrated resilience under the appalling conditions of occupation, evacuation of educational institutions, massive relocation of citizens to the western regions of Ukraine and far beyond, amidst missile attacks, online teaching and blackouts.


With sincere gratitude for your tireless work, the restlessness of your hearts, creative inspiration and the aspiration for people's well-being, the Ukrainian Peace Council congratulates you, dear educators, on the International Day of Education!


Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our heroes!


Presidium of the Ukrainian Peace Council