United Nations Day!

2023-10-24 08:49:57



Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Ukrainian Peace Council congratulates our compatriots and all people of good will on the occasion of the United Nations Day!

This day marks the anniversary of the formation of a global coalition of independent states that, after the end of World War II, united under the idea of preserving and strengthening world peace and international security, as well as developing cooperation among nations.

Consequently, our entire planet became the domain of the UN. Since then, this organization has served as the world's most important and largest platform for representatives from all countries to convene, exchange views and make collective decisions.

It is on this platform that global issues are raised, whose settlement is important for humanity at large. And it is here that responses to the challenges faced by populations worldwide are formulated. And not only are they formulated: it may be said without exaggeration that the activities of the UN subsidiary bodies – the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Food Program, the World Health Organization, UNICEF and others – have saved and are currently saving millions of lives across the globe.

The UN also plays the role of mediator and record-keeper in international negotiations and diplomatic endeavors aimed at resolving conflicts. Moreover, it constantly makes efforts to broker peace agreements and sustain dialogue among conflicting parties.

Today, however, the UN's mission to preserve peace in the world has become much more difficult, primarily due to the war waged against Ukraine by the Russian Federation, along with the further escalation of violence in other regions of the world. The contours of the new "axis of evil" have already been clearly delineated. Unfortunately, the democratic procedures on which the organization's activities have been based until recently are not always effective in these new circumstances. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the UN has exhausted its potential. Like everything else in this world, it must modernize its activities in accordance with contemporary realities. We believe that it is capable of doing so.

We wish the UN and all its staff success in achieving global goals and affirming the ideas of international cooperation! We wish them inspiration and determination in meeting all the challenges facing our world today. You are actually making the world a better place! We wish you fortitude and success on this path!

With best respects and gratitude,
Presidium of the Ukrainian Peace Council