UKRAINIAN PEACE COUNCIL STATEMENT on the fourth meeting of national security advisers

2024-01-16 12:21:21


on the fourth meeting of national security advisers

On Sunday, January 14, 2024, the fourth meeting of Security Advisers to the Heads of State took place in Davos, Switzerland. This meeting served as a logical follow-up to the third meeting in Malta, where the first five points of the Ukraine's Peace Formula were under discussion, namely radiation and nuclear security; food and energy security; release of prisoners and deportees, including children; restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The other five points of the Formula were put on the agenda of the Davos meeting. These included the withdrawal of russian troops; restoration of justice; protection of the environment; prevention of escalation and recurrence of the war; and confirmation of the war's end.

The Ukrainian Peace Council attaches importance to the fact that the presentation of these points was made in cooperation between the members of the Ukrainian delegation and the countries participating in the meeting – members of the relevant working groups. This fact eloquently confirms that Ukrainian initiatives are gradually becoming global.

This is evidenced by an increase in the number of participants to 81 and the expansion of the geographic breakdown of delegations: 39 from European countries, 18 from Asia, 12 from Africa, 6 from South America, 3 from North America, and 2 from Oceania.

This circumstance indicates that russia's war against Ukraine in the heart of Europe is a challenge for all humanity, affecting every country worldwide.

During his speech at the Davos summit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy emphasized that "this summit should energize everything that has already been achieved and should determine that the end of the war should be exceptionally fair and serve to restore the power of international law."

The Ukrainian Peace Council believes that the outcomes of the working groups of national security advisers will contribute to the elaboration of relevant roadmaps for each point of the Ukraine’s Peace Formula in the process of preparations for the Global Peace Summit.

Presidium of the Ukrainian Peace Council